EVSP508 ? Environmental Ethics

Question (Please read the Lecture note file attached to the assignment for the reading of the week?s reading essays) (550 Words/APA References and in-text citations) This week we consider the topics of pollution of the water soil and air and also the contemporary topic of climate change and energy policy. There are so many excellent essays to cover this week ranging from discussion on the dirtiest city on the planet to ethics surrounding global climate change. What were your thoughts as you read through these essays? Is there any guidance provided as you synthesize these essays on who owns the common pool resources and is ownership even necessary for management and preservation of these resources? After reading these two chapters on pollution and climate I find I have more questions than answers. What were some of the major questions you had after reading? Keep in mind that we are in a course on environmental ethics and not the science of pollution or global climate. If you decide to argue these concepts be sure your posts are well researched and properly cited. Focus on academic research on the topics and not common media sources. Identifying the nature of the source of the information you have research is actually a critical focus for all of your graduate level research. Be sure to properly cite all reference resources used to build your posts to include course assigned readings and outside research as appropriate. Follow APA style for all assignments throughout this course.

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