Examine Carol Clover's Theories

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Please write a five (5) page paper, roughly 1875 words (1.5 spaced), exploring the issue/topic  below which falls under the scope of this class.

Examine Carol Clover’s theories. See if they apply to recent cultural product. Can her ideas on horror be applied elsewhere? Do you think people have complicated cross-gender identifications with filmed entertainment today? Do such things serve any purpose? Do her ideas resonate or do you think it’s something entirely different?

-Title page (with all other relevant info so that there’s just the paper starting on the next page)
-page numbers (header, footer, just paginate!)
-12 pt. font only, something a person can read without going insane.
-1.5 spaced
-Chicago Style citations preferred.
-Works Cited/Bibliography
-Include any/all images however you see fit, in the body of the paper or at the end (marked correctly and clearly). If you add images to the body please write an appropriate amount to reach the equivalent of 5 pages

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