Exceptional use of proper English and free of all typographical errors and grammatical mistakes

Research Paper
Show evidence of your research by providing research of at least three resources per topic or core learning objective. These are listed below. Remember to include the one topic from Unit 4 when you completed the Research Review. Again, that means you are now providing research on 4 of the core learning objectives related to this course for your final paper. Please be sure your resources and research include the following information related to each topic:
Choose four of the following topics to review
1. Explain how a firm’s human resources influence organizational performance.
o Provides a very thorough, in-depth explanation of how human resources are the main way organizations perform, including examples from actual organizations.
2. Describe how firms can use HR initiatives to cope with workplace changes and trends such as a more diverse workforce, the global economy, downsizing, and new legislation.
o Creates and thoroughly describes situations and examples as well as identification of the HR initiatives to respond to workplace changes including diversity, globalization, and downsizing.
3. Explain why employees join unions.
o Submits a thorough explanation of more three reasons employees join unions and examples to support each reason.
4. Define “human resource management.”
o Defines “human resource management” with an in-depth explanation of the relation between HRM and the other organizational functions, and examples to support the definition and explanation.
5. Explain why compliance with HR law is an important part of doing business.
o Submits a thorough explanation of all aspects of HR law compliance and supports the explanation with examples.
6. Describe the process of job analysis, components of a job description, and those of a job specification.
o Provides a thorough, complete description and explains the relation between the three activities, the risks, and the positive outcomes of processes.
7. Explain how a firm’s human resources influence organization performance.
o Shows an extensive description and explanation which may include some historical and future impacts of HR in how it provides support to a strategic management directive that equates to organizational success.
8. List the factors influencing worker motivation that are under managers’ control
o Submits a thorough explanation of more than three influences managers can control to support worker motivation. This should also provide some motivational theories and or strategies used in organizations today.
• Be sure you include 4 topics/learning objectives to research. One can include your research review topic from Unit 4.
• The paper should be approximately 7 pages in length excluding the cover page and reference page. Each new topic/core learning objective should be clearly noted. For example, you might bold and underline a new topic you begin to discuss. References should be listed at the end of each topic and all 4 topics should be 1.5 to 2 pages in length with 12 point font, double-spaced with one-inch margins.
• At least 75% of the verbiage in your offering for each topic must be in your own words. Up to 25% can be the words of others taken from either the text or from the articles you used in support of your offering. You may paraphrase (which is taking the words of others and restating them in your own words or you may quote the words of others as long as you give proper credit (see APA below). Be careful not to plagiarize which is using the words of others and presenting them as your own. Any verbiage presented in your offering that is not properly cited or given appropriate credit will be deemed as you presenting those words as your own.
• This is a 300-level work (see grading rubric).
• Each topic/core learning objective review should contain at least two to three appropriate quotes and citations. If you need support on using the APA style, please visit the following websites.
• When writing your paper, be sure to include applicable excerpts from the article (in quotes and referenced) that you use in support of your statements.

Research Paper
Content: Responds to every assignment requirement with originality. Focuses on the core learning objectives and includes 4-5 researched topics related to those objectives. Displays an exceptional familiarity with the texts and topics being discussed. Uses 3-4 additional resources.

Length and Format 5 – 7 pages, not including cover page and reference list. 12 pt font, double-spaced, 1′ margins on all sides. Uses APA.

Citations Properly: cites reference materials used. Uses references from websites as well as the text.

Grammar and Spelling: Exceptional use of proper English and free of all typographical errors and grammatical mistakes.
The book to be used as basic structure and reference(should not be cited too extensively-not more than half the reference citations) is:
Human Resource Management: Managing Employees For Competitive Advantage, 2016 Chicago Business Press
ISBN – 13:978-0-9833324-3-5


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