Explore the construction of national identity in two different texts

Please note that questions require you to discuss the following primary texts from the set reading list:
Achebe, Chinua, Collected Poems*
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi, Americanah*
Roy, Arundhati, The God of the Small Things*

For referencing please follow the handbook attached. This should be double spaced.

The essay should cover the learning objectives:
1. Assess critically the constructed nature of cultural identity and the material
historical causes for the way we look at other cultures;

2. Relate issues of identity to contemporary media and cultural theory;

3. Demonstrate cultural awareness by discussing a carefully chosen range of
culturally significant texts;

4. Demonstrate advanced skills in oral presentation, research, writing
and argument.

Secondary reading to be used for referencing are as follows:
Secondary Texts

Adair, G. ; 1981; Hollywood’s Vietnam; London : Proteus.
Amin, S.; 1989; Eurocentrism; London; Zed.
Anderson, B. ; 1991; Imagined Communities; London; Verso.
Ashcroft, B.et al. ; 1988; The Empire Writes Back; London; Routledge.
Barnes,R., and Eichner, J.; 1992; Dress and Gender; Oxford; Berg.
Barthes R.; 1972; Mythologies
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Berger,Wallis and Watson eds; 1995; Constructing Masculinity; London; Routledge.
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Brod,H. ed; 1987;The Making of Masculinities; London; Allen and Unwin.
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Walder D. ed (1990) Literature in the Modern World – Oxford: OUP.


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