Extract list in PROLOG

You are to write Prolog that mimics the extract_list function.


extract_list([0.1.0],[a,b,c],X).     Will bind X to [a,b,a]

extract_list([2,1,0],[a,b,c],X).     Will bind X to [c,b,a]


You will need to read up on how to traverse a list in PROLOG.  You may also want to test out PROLOG with example from the net on Grandfather rules, etc.


The Computer Science department provides racket Prolog.  You will need to include “/local/sicstus/bin” in your path.  The prolog interpreter is run as “sicstus”


You can create your prolog code in a file and read it in like the following example  (the ending period is VERY VERY  VERY important in PROLOG)



Where the filename is in the single quotes.



1) Your name and problem description

2)  Your prolog code with proper, to the point documentation

3) A screen shot of the run of your code

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