Factors affecting Job Satisfaction

for the promotion opportunities, utilisation of time and competencies, please write the good things, for example the company give quite good in promotion, company give enough time for production team in producing wire.
please don’t write all negative side of the company like the previous writer did.
thank you, hope you understand.
1. Determining the factors influencing dissatisfaction of job.

2. Measuring job satisfaction levels among employees.

3. To assess which factors that can improves employee’s satisfaction.

these are my new research objectives, please write the rest all just the theory, no need to relate to the company situation, so you can get more references for it. and please write the rest and relate to the objectives.

for example, maybe with good promotion opportunities can caused the employees improve their satisfaction towards this job.

please remember that the topic is factors affect job SATISFACTION.
reading from part 1, the writer is tend to write to job DISSATISFACTION.
i hope this part you can relate it to job satisfaction.

last instruction, the point is, you just write ONLY the theory of the points i have given. don’t bother if it’s dissatisfaction or satisfaction.
just write the theory and get the references of its theory. that’s all.
thank you.
just follow this instruction.
blame my previous instruction.


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