What process should I follow when placing my order?

Easy! Visit the order page, provide us with your contact information alongside the paper instructions. You may attach supporting files AFTER the order has been submitted. Your email address is particularly important.

How will the completed paper be sent to me?

We automatically create an order management account for you. The log in details is sent to your email inbox when you submit your first order. This is where you will receive your completed order. Once logged in you may also send messages, upload files or view drafts and messages

Can I be able to monitor the progress of my order?

Yes, you can. Our customer support team works 24/7 so you can reach us either via the live chart, email or phone call. They will assist you with any question you may have regarding your order.

Can I be able to make any changes to the order once it is placed?

We are committed to ensuring that you succeed in your academic pursuits. We are therefore flexible in our dealings with you. In the event that your professor introduces additional instructions midway the writing process, we advise you to share them with us as soon as possible so long as they do not completely change your paper.

How confidential is your service?

All personally identifiable information is considered highly confidential and is only handled by a secure process to ensure no third party access. All measures are taken to guarantee the security and confidentiality of your information.

How can I be sure that you will deliver a paper that meets my expectations?

We have fine-tuned our writing process over the years. Your paper is assigned to an experienced writer. When it is done, it is sent to an auditor who checks for any errors and corrects them. the editor then sends it to the quality assurance department who check whether the requirements have been met. Once all are satisfied, the completed paper is then submitted to you

Can I trust you with such an important paper as a thesis or dissertation?

Definitely. Choosing to work with us is a great way to show confidence in our services. We don’t, therefore, take it lightly that you trust your most important paper to us. We use our experience of many years and any resources at our disposal to make sure your paper is given the attention it deserves. Our greatest reward is when you share your positive feedback with us.

How does your refund policy work?

In the unlikely event that we don’t deliver or deliver a paper that completely misses the point, we politely give you a refund within 3 days.

How do I know you are not a scam?

Caution never hurts! It is wise to be thinking about scams – The internet is full of them after all. However, we are not one of them and our services are absolutely RISK-FREE. This is because Paypal processes all our payments and PayPal have a very strict buyer protection policy that ensures you are completely covered. The policy gives you an upper hand where this transaction is concerned

We are reasonable and honest and endeavor to resolve any issue as amicably as possible before any complaint can be escalated to PayPal. Try us today