Fentanyl addiction

The reaction paper is your personal reflection about a film related to our class discussions on addiction. Your response should be developed thoroughly and MUST BE a MINIMUM of 500 WORDS. You MUST INCLUDE these 4 components in your reaction papers but the paper MUST BE IN ESSAY FORMAT (not numbered questions):
1. 1-2 sentence summary of what film was about.
2. How does this film connect or relate to our CLASS TOPICS AND DISCUSSIONS as well as to YOUR personal life? topics include: (Nature of Addiction, Substance misuse, dependence and the body, historical perspective)
3. What did you learn in this film in relation to ideas we have covered in class?
4. What was your reaction to and opinion of the film and would you recommend it to future classes?

• All submissions must be APA formatted
• Double-spaced (including between paragraphs), 12 point font, 1 inch margins
• 2 pages (500 word minimum)
• Students may NOT submit course work from other classes
• Written work is graded on its originality, content, clarity, and proper use of references
• All papers must contain proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure.

Fentanyl Documentary link


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