Film & Theater studies

-In the paper, you should discuss the representations of specific events and issues in the movies. For the research paper, please feel free to bring in whatever knowledge, theories or skills you have acquired in other courses. Whatever topic you choose, the paper should draw on a wide range of literature outside the assigned readings in this course. If you are going to consult historical materials on the Internet, you must discuss the reliability of the Internet resources and their relevance to your topic. PLEASE HIGHLIGHT THE THESIS.

TOPIC: How would you define a meaningful education from your disciplinary perspectives? Discuss some examples of Hong Kong and Bollywood film directors who critique, engage, and interrogate the hegemonic educational systems and the culture of parenting in Asian societies. How would you contextualize your analysis within your own experience of being educated in America and/or elsewhere?

– Please use the zip files from order #174041259 and refer to it in the research paper

“I Not Stupid 2” and “Taare Zameen Par”(Stars on Earth).


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