Film analysis

You are to pick a movie that is currently in a theater. It can be a second run house, but it must be on the big screen. YOU CANNOT RENT A MOVIE FOR THE REVIEW. You should plan to take a small flashlight and note pad for taking notes during the film. Be prepared for a movie. Before viewing the film, do a little research. Who directed it? What studio produced it? Is there anything special about this film?s release, a sequel, a first time director or actor debut? Watch the trailer and read reviews if there are already some out, but you cannot use the review in your paper. The analysis must be your own work.
Watch the movie the first time and make general notes on things that interest you in the movie. Note technical elements as well as character and setting. Be aware of the mis-en-scene throughout the film, the overall look and feel of the film. What is successfully or unsuccessfully accomplished in the movie and how do the elements of film (camera, lighting, set design, over all acting, editing) either support or fail in making the film work?
Watch the movie for a second time and focus more concretely on the elements that you think you might write your paper on. Pick two or three scenes that will help support your argument. Note the scenes so you can explain them on paper when you are supporting your argument.
You may want to outline your paper. It should be three typewritten pages, double spaced, so you will have an opening paragraph, four body paragraphs (approximate) and a concluding paragraph. Try creating a topic sentence for each paragraph, so you can see the progression of your paper before you start. Most importantly, you want to have a point of view in your paper, an opinion about the movie that you have just seen and studied, and you want supporting evidence from that movie (two or three scenes) that you can refer to as supporting evidence to your analysis.
As you write, push your ideas, further your point of view about the film. Utilize the elements of film we have talked about in class and those you have been assigned to view on the DVD. Consider several elements and back up your analysis with examples you have noted from the film. Citing similarities from films we have discussed in class (German Expressionism, Russian Montage etc) would also be appropriate if you are wanting to compare a current work to something regarded as a classic.
If you are composing your paper on a computer, regularly save your paper and back it up on a flash drive, so you will always have a back up copy in case your computer hard drive crashes or there is a power outage while you are working on your paper.
Revise. You should write the paper as a first draft and set it aside for a few days, maybe go see the movie for a third time to see how the movie fits into the structure of your paper. Then you will want to make revisions so you maximize your analysis and tighten your prose. Spell check and make sure all your terminology is correct. Don?t call a camera tilt a camera pan! Be sure you have used the vocabulary we have learned during the semester. Be precise with your words, do not write generally about the technical aspects of the film. BE SPECIFIC.

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