film theory, third world cinema write,

film theory, third world cinema write, 1. the basic argument put forth in each reading. 2. engagement with an issue or issues with each of the readings. 3. two discussion questions to address about the readings, relationship between readings, and relationship to film. please break down each reading to paragraph, clearly state which paragraph is for which reading, and underline your discussion question. two question overall, not for each reading. also include brief answer to your discussion question. there are 6 readings(in ZIP file), so you need to write 6 paragraphs.(one paragraph for one reading) viewing film is “battle of Algiers 1966″ make sure to connect this film to readings. below is the link to download the readings for this order.
please forward it to the writer. and for the film, please find it on by searching “Battle of Algiers 1966″ if you have any question, please let me know.

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