Final Guideline".

The instruction is down below and inside the file named, "Final Guideline". Please follow the format and the questions guideline that in the “Final Guideline”. There are two questions can be picked, please only pick ONE. 7 pages in total, if you want you can write more than that, but not more than 8 pages, and 7 pages not include the citation page.

For the resources that MUST be used:
The essay MUST use a minimum of SIX (6) readings from the course syllabus, which are the files that I have uploaded. The lecture notes MAY provide some information of which readings is related, as there is a lot readings. But it MAY only provide some relation between the topics and the reading.
AND an addition minimum of SIX(6) pieces of evidence from other course material (i.e. films, lecture, additional resources, optional readings and/or guest speakers). Which are files named, Week 1-10, and one is JANE LILLY-LOPEZ PRESENTATION, which is lecture notes and please use only two of them. The other please use 2 from the "VIDEO LIST", and at least pick one from Week 7 – 10. Also 2 from the file name start with OPTIONAL, or from the zip file name, Addition.

If the above instruction is unclear, please message me at once, as it is important for the paper to have proper citation of all sources.
Therefore, at least 12 source must be use in total, not the same as the "Final Guideline"!!!! Also there is a grading guideline at the back of the "Final Guideline," please have a look before started writing~!!!!


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