Final Marketing plan

You have met with your client and colleagues regarding the marketing plan. Based on the feedback from your colleagues and others, you are now ready to pull the completed final plan together.

  • Company overview: Add the information from your Week 1 Individual Project that describes your company (50–75 words).
  • Competition: Identify the top competitor of your brand (50–75 words).
  • Research and the marketing strategy: Add information about the importance of research and marketing strategy for the brand. Add information from the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis in this section (50–75 words).
  • The marketing mix objectives: Describe the objectives of the marketing mix for your brand: product, price, place, and promotion (50–75 words).
  • Product positioning strategy: Add a positioning strategy for your product that is designed to change the perception of the current product (50–100 words).
  • Customer profile: Include the details related to your customer’s demographics and psychographics and the two segments that you created from your Week 3 Discussion Board assignment (50–100 words).
  • Marketing communications: Write a section that explains an advertising or messaging concept to help tell customers about the brand. Think about a television commercial, radio spot, print or banner advertisement, or a social media message (50–100 words).
  • Distribution of the product: Explain 1 place to sell your product (25–50 words).

APA format


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