Financial crises and bank regulation




Critically discuss large bank failures and its aftermath effects on the financial markets, in particular in relation to “too big to fail”.


Please develop research questions and working hypotheses based on theoretical and empirical research. The length of the coursework should between 1000 and 2,500 words.




Reports are expected to demonstrate:


  • Evidence of extensive research of the literature (including both academic literature and reports/bulletins by investment banks and international financial organisations);
  • High standards of analysis and critical evaluation.
  • Relevance and comprehensiveness of the content
  • Professional standards of structure, organisation and presentation.
  • Appropriate use of statistical material, tables, graphs, footnotes and references (including a full referencing list of all sources used).


Assessment Criteria for Coursework



Good 60-69 Satisfactory 50-59 Poor (Fail)
Subject matter

Introduction, interpretation of title, motivation and broader context.

Coverage of the topic: Breadth        
Focus or relevance        
Relevant conclusions related to the subject of the essay        

logical and coherent

Appropriate use of diagrams        
Accuracy of diagrams        
Explanation of diagrams        
Critical analysis, including critical self-assessment        
Evidence of understanding        
Insight and originality        
Depth of knowledge        
Appropriate use of sources        
Evidence of use of a variety of sources        
Appropriate referencing of sources or claims in the main text        
Full referencing of sources listed at the end of the coursework        
Clarity of expression        
Grammar and syntax        
Overall standard of presentation        




PLAGIARISM is an offence and carries penalties in accordance with University regulations.

The assessment criteria are summarised and indicated below


  • Content: accuracy, relevance, focus and coverage


  • Research: demonstration of independent reading that includes scholarly journal articles and use of a range of sources / references


  • Construction of argument: integration and coherence of structure


  • Quality of argument: evidence of understanding, judgement, analysis, originality, logic and synthesis


  • Quality of presentation: clarity and effectiveness


It shall be the responsibility of students to ensure that the work they submit for assessment is entirely their own, and that they observe all Regulations, Procedures and instructions governing assessments




You are expected to make full use of all academic sources including books, periodicals and journal articles. Examples of other sources of information include the bank interim and annual reports and financial databases.


The deadline for the submission of the coursework should be strictly adhered to.  Learning to work to deadlines is part of the educational process and a preparation for many careers.  Failure to submit the course work by the specified date may result in no marks being awarded for that piece of work.




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