First Application of Eight Key Questions (8KQ)

This exercise will be an element of your Early Voting Assignment.

Below is the hypothetical scenario from the Early Voting Assignment:

You were selected to serve on the Early Voting Board of your county as one of the three representatives from your political party (Democrat or Republican) to serve alongside the presiding judge and three representatives from the opposing political party. Early voting preceding the 2018 November general election transpired without incident, and Election Day has arrived.

Your duties today consist of opening absentee ballots and counting the legally submitted ballots by mail. The counting and verification has gone without incident until a ballot grabs your attention. The information written on the absentee ballot indicates that it has been cast by Holly Martin, a woman who lives in your neighborhood and you know somewhat well. Holly lives with her sister, Margaret, both of them having moved back into their childhood home several years ago. The Martin sisters are widows in their seventies who are active members in your political party, and you see them on occasion at party events where they express nearly identical political positions and concerns, and you agree with them fully on every political issue you have ever discussed with them.

You are the only one on the Early Voting Board who knows that Holly Martin suffered a massive stroke about one month ago, and she has been bedridden, motionless and unresponsive to others, including her sister, ever since. Holly’s ballot, however, is dated and postmarked last week, well after her stroke occurred. The ballot next in the stack to be considered is Margaret Martin’s, which is dated and postmarked on the same date as Holly’s. When you look at the signature on Margaret’s ballot, you are convinced that it was Margaret who signed Holly’s ballot.

The Early Voting Board is unlikely to notice anything out of order, as both Holly and Margaret are registered voters who have been voting by absentee ballot for several elections, and nothing on the submitted ballots would seem troublesome to someone who did not know the Martins personally.

Do not fabricate or assume any facts of this scenario that you do not see described above. Note: there is no such thing as power of attorney to cast a vote in a state or federal election.

Describe the rationale for applicability or inapplicability for each of the 8KQ. Next, analyze the three most important Key Questions individually on what insight they provide for this hypothetical case; to what conclusion would each lead you if you applied only that Key Question? These single-question conclusions become the “products” you will weigh in the full early Voting Assignment.

Below are links to the 8KQ website and handbook: 8KQ Handout Revision.pdf


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