First Cycle in Vivo Coding Method

Take the following out of your discussion since you did not have the capability to do it . It appears you copied from the example I gave you.

"To conduct a First Cycle in Vivo Coding Method a Text Analysis tool was used to examine wording of each interview and decode the data. Decoding is aimed at determining which words or phrases were repeated amongst interviewees. There appeared several commonalities in the answers of the respondents which were taken into account, analyzed, and labeled by respective category names. In order to make further references easier and more obvious, memos were formulated to journalize patterns.
After the codes were categorized, comparison of resulting array of codes has been conducted. Further, a Second Cycle Pattern Coding Method was applied to establish which similarities appear in the data collected. Once it has been done, it was possible to summarize data into sub-categories and consolidate the results.
After the process of categorization of codes was finished, the codes within each category was compared to one another, to improve understanding and fitting of words to the codes it was decided to use a thesaurus. To ensure the data was coded properly, the codes were processed repeatedly through several cycles of defining and refining coding of words.
Since the first stages generally refer much to the transcription, classification and assortment of the information, the third stage of coding implied Axial Coding Method which helped to yield conclusions important for the research. This has been reached by analyzing how those categories and sub-categories interrelated between each other and then interpreting the data, obtained within this third stage to make conclusions and give answers to the questions raised in this research.
Below are promptly narrated the findings of the analysis described above"

The following are not appropriate paragraphs:

“Hierarchy consists of the universal application of the superior-subordinate relationship through a number of levels reacting from top to bottom of the structure.” (Khatri, 2011)
Every institution and even company has its hierarchy. Depending on the level of centralization, how the powers are distributed between managers and structural departments."

You did not use enough scholarly works on "Hierarchy". Use at least 10 scholarly works and clearly discuss those works in connection to your focus.

You engaged in poor use of scholarly works on power distribution. Use at least 10 scholarly works and clearly discuss those works in connection to your focus.

Your discussion of the following is too scanty:

Impact of Religion


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