Floor Grid and Ceiling Light Plan

Assignment: Floor Grid and Ceiling Light Plan


Task 1:

Using Adobe Illustrator or Google SketchUp, develop a floor grid for the store and include a separate document to explain the choices and rationale.

Develop a flow through the store and note on the grid:
The direction of the flow and rationale
The width of the walkway and the rationale
The height of the displays in relation to the target market
Determine focal points within the grid plan and rationale.
Develop the sales marketing plan of the merchandise on the grid with the rationale.
Determine the display types, sizes, quantities, and merchandise held.
Determine the connectivity flow to wall displays and ceiling used within the grid to maximize sales and include the rationale.
Review Chapter 4, “Light and Lighting,” in your textbook “Visual Merchandising and Display” for examples on how to draw these and the placement, spacing, focal points, etc.

Task 2:

Draw a reflected ceiling plan and a lighting plan that will enhance your floor grid displays. Also include:

Selected lighting for the store and add its delivery and installation to the schedule as well as to the supplies list. Use the Internet as the source for your selections and document them with images.
Note the cost effectiveness of the choices, considering factors such as the lumens, ecofriendliness, and type of fixtures.
Choose a ceiling or ceiling finish, document with images, and provide the rationale.
Support all decisions with cited research in MLA format.p(2)

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