Food Safety and Sanitation

Question Hello I need some help with this project. Thank you In this assignment you will take on the role as an inspector of a full-service food service establishment (restaurant). The goal of this project is to take what you have learned in this course and apply it to an actual operation through critical thinking and problem solving. It is not meant for you to be a citizen police officer but instead to understand the size scope and importance of food safety and sanitation. Part I: Interview Part II: Writing an Inspection Report To complete this project there are some preparatory steps. 1. Schedule a meeting at the restaurant with a restaurant owner/manager early in class. Have a back-up plan in the event your contact is unable to meet you on the scheduled day. 2. Explain the overall project to your contact. 3. Request a tour of the restaurant. 4. Explain to the owner that you will enter the establishment as a customer and critically inspect various visual sanitary aspects. Explain that the information obtained from your interview and inspection will be used for educational purposes only and will be reviewed only by your instructor. 5. Take the inspection reports (provided below) to your interview. Part I: Interview about Food Safety Programs • Interview the restaurant manager/owner about their food safety programs. • Ask the owner/manager about their food service practices or program they have in place. • You may also want to ask about potential upcoming concepts they will implement to remain up to standard with their safety food service procedures. • From this interview you will be able to determine if this establishment is in line with food safety and sanitation practices. Part II: Restaurant Inspection Report • After the tour and conducting your inspection write a paper explaining your findings and key areas where the restaurant was negligent in creating a superior sanitary environment. • In the paper take on the role as the restaurant manager citing what needs to be done to take corrective measures in cleaning-up the deficient areas. • Using the inspection tables provided: o rate the facility on a scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent); o track your scores at the restaurant; o transfer your scores to the Restaurant Inspection Report (save your work); and o submit your report as an attachment of your Course Project. • Provide your overall score (points percentage) addressing the cleanliness of the restaurant operation. • Identify weaknesses within the restaurant operation. • Provide solutions for correcting the issues based on the best practices described in the textbook and the student’s independent research. • Share recommendations for future action plans addressing sanitation issues based on the best practices described in the textbook and the student’s independent research. • Provide an overall assessment of the restaurant operation using the sanitation viewpoint issues based on the best practices described in the textbook and the student’s independent research. • Review the furnishings fixtures and interior building materials in reference to the ease of sanitation. Provide a summary of your local health department regulations policies codes or laws for restaurant sanitation and food safety. • Does your inspection of the exterior dining room area and bathrooms of the restaurant you selected meet the local health department standards and regulations? If the restaurant or food service you have chosen includes a front service counter self service food or beverage dispensing areas please include these in this review. • Prepare a cleaning schedule for the restaurant exterior dining rooms and bathrooms. Your paper should be 8-10 pages in length. The Restaurant Inspection Report form does not count toward the page requirement. This should be included as an appendix. Any pictures or illustrations may be added at the end of the paper but will not be included in the 8-10 page requirements. All of the criteria must be included to receive credit. Follow APA format guidelines. References should be included. this is part 2 RESTAURANT INSPECTION REPORT TABLES Dining Room Topic Score 1 Poor 2 3 4 5 Excellent Windows * no dust dirt streaks smudges Lights * no dust * clean and in working order Ceilings * no dust dirt in good repair Air vents * no dust no cob webs is painted Floors * in good repair no trash no spills Tables * no gum underneath clean in good repair Chairs * in good repair legs are clean Menus * not sticky clean in good repair Table tops * in good repair clean Bar area-Glassware * clean no spots Indoor Windowsills * no dirt no dust is clean Walls-pictures * no dust no dirt Stairs * clean no obstructions in good repair Table sugar caddies/salt and pepper shakers * no dirt inside caddies clean Table tents * clean in good repair no dirt TOTAL SCORE ____ / out of 75 possible Exterior Topic Score 1 Poor 2 3 4 5 Excellent Condition of sidewalks * no gum trash cigarette butts Condition of parking lot * no trash Windows * clear clean no dirt Lighting * all lights working not broken Landscaping * well maintained no trash Dumpster area * no visible trash no smells well maintained Front doors * clean in good repair Building exterior * clean good repair no graffiti TOTAL SCORE ____ / out of 40 possible Employees Topic Score 1 Poor 2 3 4 5 Excellent Uniforms * clean well maintained Hair * long hair pulled back clean shaven Jewelry * not excessive clean Body odor * no apparent odor Hands * clean fingernails maintained no open skin TOTAL SCORE ____ / out of 25 possible Bathrooms Topic Score 1 Poor 2 3 4 5 Excellent Sinks * in good repair is clean Mirrors * clean no streaks Floors * in good repair no trash no water puddles Baby changing tables * clean in good repair Toilets * clean in working order clean base Bathroom stalls * clean no dust on tops of stalls Walls * clean no graffiti Ceilings * no dust in good repair Trash cans * clean no smells Paper towel dispensers * in working order stocked TOTAL SCORE ____ / out of 50 possible TOTAL SCORE FOR THE RESTAURANT ____ / out of 190 possible ____ %

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