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Unit 4 Discussion part 1; In your Learning Activity, you examined the Job Order Costing System from Chapter 20. Now you will look at the differences between Job Order Cost Systems and Process Cost Systems (Chapter 21).; ; Unit 4 Discussion part 2; Assume that you manage the manufacturing operations for the custom order division of a company that makes fine jewelry. The company’s raw materials consist mainly of gold (10 karat and 14 karat) precious stones, and semiprecious stones.; Describe what manufacturing information would be important to track. Please make sure to report the accounting documents used to gather and report this information.; Unit 5 Discussion; Go to problem P22-3A here. See “Do it” example for information on break even analysis (also found in the Digital Book under Course home on page 1026).; Unit 6 Discussion; In your everyday life, budgeting is a best practice in order to keep living expenses and savings within your financial means. In many instances, personal budgeting is as important as budgets prepared by companies. Why? Remember that companies exist because people buy their products.; In this Discussion, you will calculate a personal budget and then relate personal budgeting to management budgeting at companies.; In preparation for your Discussion posting, go to the Kaplan Library and research “personal budgets.” Find at least one article on personal budgeting. Include information from the article in your posting reply. You must also include a citation and reference in APA style.; Please respond to the Discussion Checklist using the information from the personal budget you calculate using the criteria provided in the Personal Budget Criteria document here. Take time to review your classmates’ responses and to provide your feedback.; ; Checklist:; Unit 7 Discussion; Centralized or Decentralized? View the resources here before answering the questions below.; Unit 8 Discussion Part 1; Under what circumstances, if any, can the responsibility for each variance be placed on a) the purchasing department, and b) the production department?; Research and discuss the nature of each perspective used in the balanced scorecard and how those perspectives are linked.; ; Unit 8 Part 2; What non-financial measures might be used in the balanced scorecard approach to evaluate performance in one of the following industries (your choice) and how might management keep track of these measures?; Unit 9 Discussion Part 1; Approval Process; Imagine you are the CFO of a Fortune© 500 company.; Unit 9 Part 2; Challenges; What would you consider the most challenging or difficult aspect of the capital expenditure process and why (for example, when the company embarks on changing its current accounting information systems to an ERP system)?; Unit 10 Discussion; The objective of this course was to emphasize the way in which managerial accounting information could be used to aid management.;

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