Answer the following questions about the document you’ve selected for deep revision. These answers will help you build your Deep Revision Plan. When you respond to your peer’s posts, you might comment on similar assignments you’ve had or offer tips on how they might revise their document. In total, your answer to all these questions should be approximately 500-600 words.
General Information
For what class did you write the original version of the document? To the best of your recollection, what was the purpose of the assignment? (If you have access to the assignment sheet, feel free to use that to help you here.)
Would you classify this as a successful document? Why or why not?
Who is the audience of your original document? (This could be the professor or some other group that the professor assigned as the audience.)
What would you say was important or valuable to this audience? What do they care about?
What was the purpose of the original document? What did this document seek to achieve with its audience?
How successful was your document in achieving its purpose with your audience? Why was or wasn’t it successful?
In what genre is the original document written? Is it a formal essay, a lesson plan, a business memo, etc?
Why did you select this genre? If it was assigned, why do you think this was the assigned genre?
Preparing for Deep Revision
If you could change one element of your original text, what would it be and why?
If the professor associated with the original version of this document was here, what would they say would make this a stronger document?
Who do you think would most benefit from hearing what you have to say within the original document? Where do you think these people are most likely to get this type of information?


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