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Case Study – Computers R Us Computers R Us, a computer manufacturer and retailer has recently launched a service and repair division, CompleteCare, for its portable/laptop/notebook computers. This division promises to provide a rapid response to customer technical enquiries and warranty repairs. However, the division is experiencing: – a shortage of trained technical operators in its telephone centre; – distribution problems; and – parts availability problems. As a result, Computers R Us has received multiple complaints about CompleteCare at the Computers R Us call centre. To address these issues, a research proposal was prepared (Assignment 1) and the research overseen by the management of Computers R Us. It was found that customer satisfaction was a Page 2 of 6 contributing factor to the issues experienced in the CompleteCare division. Consequently, the management of Computers R Us have developed several possible initiatives to improve customer satisfaction to a minimum level of 7 out of 10. These initiatives include: decreasing response times in the CompleteCare division, training and continuous education for staff on products and services to assist customers, increasing methods of communication between Computers R Us and its customers and a new loyalty rewards program. Management is interested to know which of these strategies is considered the most effective by Computers R Us customers. A member of your team has already collected data that can be used for this analysis. To collect this data, a simple random sample of 500 customers was selected. Of the 500 customers to whom surveys were sent, 420 responded. The survey used to collect this data is provided below and the survey responses have been collated in the CompleteCare.xls Excel file. You are required to write a report after performing an analysis on the data collected from the customers of Computers R Us. A member of your team has suggested that, when you perform this analysis, you should undertake a series of hypothesis tests to examine the following: 1. Does the current level of customer satisfaction differ from management’s goal of 7 out of 10? 2. Is there any difference between the overall satisfaction of male and female customers at Computers R Us? 3. Are there any differences in overall customer satisfaction across the following age groups: 20 and below, 21–30, 31–40, 41–50, 51 and over? 4. Is there any difference in customer satisfaction between responses to the initiatives of ‘decreasing response times in the CompleteCare division’ and the ‘new loyalty rewards program’? 5. Are any of the initiatives proposed by management related to the overall satisfaction of Computers R Us customers? Required: Write a data analysis report that provides the results to each of the five hypothesis tests above and make overall recommendations to Computers R Us that management can use for future business decision-making. Based on your analysis relating to these hypotheses, your report should focus on two key issues: the current degree of customer satisfaction and the strategy or strategies that would be most effective to increase customer satisfaction.

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