Franz Joseph Haydn,The Creation(1796-1798)

1. Use FOOTNOTES within your text, NOT endnotes or a works cited list. Using the wrong format will hurt your grade on the paper. Microsoft Word will automatically place footnotes at the bottom of the page, and will number them automatically. Ask me if you need help using the feature of Word.

2. Use the Chicago Style format for your references (see below). Using the wrong format will hurt your grade on the paper.

3. Chicago Style formats for WRITTEN SOURCES (whether online or hard copies) are found at the following link. Go to this webpage, scroll a small way down the page, and choose the tab called "Notes and Bibliography" (NOT "Author-Date"). You will find a list of types of references; look through it so that you can see all the categories listed. For each category, the webpage provides two sample references. The first is the format you will use in the FIRST footnote referring to this source. The second is the format you will use if you cite the same source again in another footnote.

4. Chicago Style formats for AUDIOVISUAL SOURCES are found at the following link:


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