fruit trees for each aboriginal family in a settlement based in Dareton Coomella.

The intervention proposal is based on fruit trees for each aboriginal family in a settlement, based in Dareton Coomella.

Please note headings can be used for this genre of writing.

• Description of the specific context in which the project is located;
• Clear identification of the major stakeholders who would need to be consulted while developing the proposal;
• A brief summary of the reasons that the issue to be addressed by the project is important from the perspective of applied social science;
• Description of the proposed project to address the issue that has been identified including an explanation of what will occur in its planning, implementation and evaluation phases;
• The aims of the proposed project;
• The intended and specific outcome(s) of the project by which its effectiveness will be assessed;
• The process and measures that will be employed to assess the effectiveness of the proposed project in meeting its defined goals;
• A detailed timeline describing the planning, implementation and evaluation phases of the proposed project;
• A brief budget detailing the main financial aspects of the project;
• A summary the key points of the proposal in the form of a brief concluding paragraph;
• Reference to relevant and current research and other relevant literature.

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