Functional Alcoholism

uot;Functional Alcoholism" Please respond to the following:
Read the article titled “DUI Offense Basics”, located at Next, give your opinion as to whether the standards for use of the “field sobriety test” versus the “chemical test” are too subjective for a police officer’s use. Next, analyze the manner in which a judge could refute an officer’s choice to use either test or its results during court proceedings. Justify your response.

Based on Chapter 9 of the textbook, suggest three (3) reasons why alcoholism should or should not be classified as a disease. Next, speculate on one (1) approach for addressing the ethical issue(s) that may arise as a result of your determination. Provide support for your position.

Be sure to include a minimum of two outside sources for your response using APA format, in-text citations, and a reference list


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