Fundmentals of Case Management Practice skills for the Human Services

Throughout the Book, you will find "assignment" Pick 2 (chapter 1-18). Write up 1 page for each with your answer for the question chosen.

Coursebook: Fundmentals of Case Management Practice skills for the Human Services …… Fifth Edition by Nancy Summers

Assignment #1 located on page 35
Question: Find the ethical code for the profession you are interested in pursuing. If you want to become a social worker, look for the code of ethics for social workers or a psychologist then look for the code for that. Read the code of ethics that applies to your chosen profession and discuss it.

* I would like to be social worker*

Assignment #2 located on page 60
Question: Find out what the commitment laws are in your state. Look at various types of voluntary and involuntary commitments. Find out under what circumstances the client can leave a facility when voluntarily committed. Find out what constitutes due process in your state for those being committed involuntarily.


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