General Chemical Hazards

please look at order instruction that it uploaded as file attachement "safety project instruction
please use only 4 following website mention it in this instuction
This is an individual project that involves finding and documenting specific safety features in a student or workplace lab to give you a way to gauge the safety of a laboratory.
please Use only the accompanying template (it will expand when you type into it) to submit a report based on a workplace lab, a lab
(please take look at all pictures from laboratory and also safety project templet to submit a report base on it.)

Chemical chosen from SDS sheets with summary of hazards and safe handling instructions. Choose a chemical that starts with the initial closest to that of your last name. Include issue date. Please do not include printouts of the sheets(4 pts)

What have you learned from this assignment? This should be a narrative. Explain if you feel this lab is safe or not safe. Indicate supervisor with contact information if issues are encountered. You may use the OSHA website ( to reach a final conclusion. (4 pts)
Helpful sites: Pocket guide to chemicals:
Lab Safety guidelines:
General Chemical Hazards:


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