Geographical Information Systems

1- Introduction, Research aims and objectives, Literature Review, Methodologies, Timetable and Challenges..etc
2 – the topic to be :”Using GIS and Remote Sensing to assess and address water scarcity in Irbid & Mafraq cities/Jordan in the context of the post 2011 Syrian Crisis”.
3 – the research is meant to investigate the impact of influx of Syrian refugees on water scarcity in Jordan which existed before the Syrian crisis. Also, the impact of water scarcity on Syrian refugees.
4 – detailed information about the technical part (the use of ArcGIS or MapInfo, for instance) and explain how it will be carried out.
5 – include and emphasise on Zaatari refugee camp.
6 – include information from this website:
7- resources are very recently published (5 years old MAX.)
8 – the use of HARVARD referencing system.


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