geology-A Dean-Stark extraction is performed

Question GEOE 301 Spring 2015 David Dugas Student ID: 0961858 No Group (DEDP Student) Assignment Due 02/24/2015 1. A Dean-Stark extraction is performed on a North Sea chalk core plug sample which extracted 5.77 cm 3 of water. The core plug has a porosity of 36.1% and a bulk volume of 24.5 cm 3. The wet and dry weights of the sample are 50.64 and 42.33 g respectively. The gas oil and water densities are 0.001 0.75 and 1.035 g/cm 3 respectively. Calculate the gas oil and water saturations in the core plug sample. 2. During the drilling operations of an oil well invasion of the mud filtrate took place in the near-wellbore region resulting in an outward invasion diameter of 5 ft. The permeability of the invaded zone is determined to be 25 mD whereas the permeability of the uninvaded zone is 100 mD. The radius of the wellbore is 4.5 in. Determine the skin factor.

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