Geology of Hawaii

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  1. What does the earth’s lithosphere consist of?
  2. Is the continental crust thicker or thinner than the oceanic crust and which crust is denser?
  3. Explain the theory of plate tectonics with short sentences.
    The super continent is called _________.
  4. Why are the earth’s plates moving?
  5. Subduction zones create what type of volcanoes? and name some of these volcanoes around the world, besides the ones in the PowerPoint.
  6. Hot spots create what type of volcanoes?
  7. The ___________ is the scientific term for the underwater Emperor Seamounts that are part of the Northern linear Hawaiian Island chain.
  8. Which principal Hawaiian Island is the oldest?
  9. __________ is the measurement of the depth of water in the oceans, seas, or lakes.
  10. The youngest and newest Hawaiian volcano that is under the sea-level is ____________.
  11. The Hawaiian Islands are made up of ____________ volcanoes.
  12. Explain the Life Stages of Hawaiian Volcanoes (hint: website) of Hawaiian volcanoes with short sentences.
  13. The volcanic rock that makes up the Hawaiian Islands is termed ________.
  14. Name the three different forms of Hawaiian lava.
  15. Name some of the post eruption vents on O‘ahu Island (look for some other than the ones mentioned in PowerPoint lecture).
  16. Name & describe the volcanic land forms from the “Geology of Hawaiʻi PowerPoint review” in Resources.
  17. Questions for “Drain the Ocean” documentary: answer with complete short answers.
  18. How much water covers the earth?
  19. How do we know what is under the ocean depths?
  20. How is this mapped?
  21. Explain in detail what is discovered under the oceans near the Hawaiian Islands?
  22. What is the mid-ocean ridge?
  23. What is happening in Iceland?
  24. What is happening along fault lines?

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