Getting in Line with Online Ed

Getting in Line with Online Ed
Paper instructions:
Ms Magazine review paper / Class presentation. Choose 3 articles from Ms. Magazine Digital that spark your interest. Write a 3- 5 page review paper designed to inform your fellow students about a contemporary women’s issue and events in the United States using a race, class and gender lens. Please do not use previously assigned articles. for reminder:
1. Victory over Violence: FBI finally recognizes that “Rape is Rape” by Stephanie Hallett (Winter 2012), p. 12 – 13, and “Rape is Rape” by Stephanie Hallett (Spring 2011), p. 26 – 31. 2.“Sexist Advertising, Then and Now by Jean Kilbourne, Ms. Magazine Digital (Summer 2010), p. 32 – 35. 3.“Intersections” by Bonnie Thornton Dill, Ms Magazine Digital (Spring 2009), p. 65. 4. “Getting in Line with Online Ed” by Michelle McGibbney Vlahoulis in Ms. Magazine Digital (Fall 2012 Special Women’s Studies Section) p. 43. Your review paper/presentation should include the following: 1. Why you chose the readings 2. How the readings connect 3. A summary of the writer’s main points and supporting arguments 4. How convincing were the writer’s arguments and why? 5. Important concepts, questions and issues encountered in the articles.

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