Gillespie,Daniels,Bufford and Parker

Must be four separate paragraphs
2.Each paragraph must be at least three to four sentence a piece
3.Must be about Adult functioning
4.Please do not change the name, sex, or ages
5.Must be one page
6.Do not use any bullets
First paragraph
• Ms. Gillespie is a female who is employed
• At the time of the visit she was cooking dinner and cleaning the bathroom
• Case manager asked how was she feeling today she states good
• Ms. Gillespie stated that she received her discharge letter in the mail from DHS and is glad the process is over
Second paragraph
• Ms. Daniels is a female who is unemployed and currently attending school
• Ms. Daniels states that she is concerned about her nephew welfare if his mother gets custody of him
• Ms. Daniels stated that she will be attend court this week
Third paragraph
• Ms. Bufford is a female who is employed and her children are no longer under DHS care
• Ms. Bufford states that her children should have never been in the system anyway
• Ms. Bufford states that children that need to be in the system aren’t
• Ms. Bufford states that she received her discharge letter in the mail
Fourth paragraph
• Ms. Parker is a female who is employed and her children are in care with DHS
• Ms. Parker states that she is a good mother and the system is trying to say she is not
• Ms. Parker states that she will be glad when this is over so her children can go back to living a normal life.
• Ms. Parker states that she will be taking her children to the movies this weekend

Example of how paragraph should be: When Case manager arrived at group home to meet with child she was neat and clean. Case manager spoke with child about x, y, and z and this is how the child responded x, y, and z. Or You can be creative but the information with the bullet points must be included in the paragraph.


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