Girls' secondary education in Uganda.

roblem statement and etc. It will help to understand what I am aiming to research and how. In the uploaded files, tutors’ comments can be found; therefore, Research Proposal has to be improved accordingly. Moreover, the structure of the sentences, paragraphs needs to be changed by using academic vocabulary. Research scope has to be operationalized by using the article "A Framework for Analyzing Public Policies: Practical Guide"

The final thesis consists of 3 parts: (70% of your final grade), your Policy Advice (20% of final grade) and Assessment (10% of final grade). Thus, Research Proposal has to represent all 3 parts of the final thesis. More infromation about final thesis requirements can be found bellow under the document "Course Outline"

Policy Advice Paper will be written for NGO International Child Development Initiatives (ICDI). Particular project – Righting the Future Kenya and Uganda will be taken into account. Basically, I am planning to analyse how ICDI is addressing the problem of low rates of girls’ at school and how it can be improved. Moreover, in order to provide valuable recommendations, I am planning to compare ICDI and UNICEF strategies used to increase girls participation in secondary education in Uganda.


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