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1. How is violence against the LGB community tied to the construction of gender?

2. You were presented with a lot of information on how the LGBT community is targeted for violence, discrimination, and hate crimes across the world. Describe what information impacted you the most, and make sure to explain WHY it impacted you.

Your posts MUST contain at least ONE citation in your answer to each question. This citation will come from either our course readings and/or outside empirical or reputable news sources (NOTE: wikipedia is not considered a reputable source and will therefore not count as a citation you can use to earn credit). You will cite using APA format both within the text (author, year) and must also include the full reference at the bottom of the response. Also Each of the answers must be 300 words MINIMUM.

Articles to be used
Violent Attacks On Transgender People Raise Alarm
Global LGBT community still gripped by homophobic state-sponsored violence
LGBT1 Domestic Violence FactSheet
Gender Violence
Violence Against Transgender Women In Latin America Thwarts HIV Efforts
Murders of transgender people on the rise as public presence grows ( video)
FSRN UN Report on Violence Against LGBT People Global Problem( video on youtube)
South Africa Rise in Violence Against Homosexuals (Video)
CGTN Africa( youtube video)


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