Globe university HR315 Unit 2 assignment

Question Unit 2 Assignment Plese write a one page response to the following discussion topic… Every presidential election we hear in one form or another about the need for laws establishing a U.S. “Industrial Policy” (or lack thereof). What is an Industrial Policy? Do we have one? Do we need one? If so what type of policy should we have? Support your position. Your answer should be at least one full page of text (300 word min) and your answer should be supported by course concepts or external sources. Please feel free to use any references you like. Here are some possible reference you may use… Possible references: Bieber O. (July 15 1992). Quality unions: Producing quality products Vital Speeches 58 (19) 583-586. Johnson C Tyson L & Zysman J. (1989). How Japan’s development strategy works. NY: Harper. Haus L. (2002). Unions Immigration and Internationalization: New Challenges and Changing Coalitions in the United States and France. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

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