Grand Canyon NRS434 Week2 Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) Agreement Latest 2015 October

Question NRS 434V CLC Group Projects Agreement CLC Course Information Course Name/Section Number: Instructor?s Name: Start Date of the Course: CLC Member Contact Information (Who is in our group?) CLC Member Name Primary Email Address Secondary Email Address Other Contact Information CLC Group Values (What do we need to do to ensure our team?s success?) What each team member agrees to do Why this is important to the team Check into the CLC regularly to review progress on the assignment Contribute ideas and feedback to the group from initial discussions throughout project completion Communicate with all CLC members as soon as a problem or issue arises Maintain respectful communications with all team members Complete assigned tasks by the deadlines set by the CLC members Take a leadership role in CLC assignments Make sure to cite and reference all sources of information used in completing tasks Other: Other: Project Management Specifics (What needs to be undertaken to complete the CLC project?) CLC Group Member?s Name Task to be completed by this team member Due date for completing the task for the CLC to review Contributing one or more ideas for how the project should be completed Outlining the CLC project Assigning tasks to CLC members Performing research on assigned topics and writing it up for CLC members to review Making sure everyone meets their assigned deadlines for tasks Proofreading and editing the paper Submitting the paper via the Assignments feature by the due date deadline Other: Other: CLC Group Interaction Guidelines (How can we anticipate and deal with group conflict when it arises?) What could happen to impede our teamwork What we will do if this happens A CLC member doesn?t provide project ideas or feedback to other team members A CLC member doesn?t complete his or her task at all A CLC member completes his or her task but turns it in after the agreed-upon due date Other: Other:

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