grand cwv101 week 1 and week 2 discussions

Question week 1 In the textbook Cosgrove states “A worldview is a set of assumptions or beliefs about reality that affect how we think and how we live.” How else would you describe the concept of a worldview? What would you add to or take away from this definition? dq2 After reviewing “The Story of the Bible” describe a specific element of the Christian worldview as revealed in the various flags. How does that element of a Christian worldview compare with your own beliefs? (For example you could address a belief such as “the origin of the universe” or a theme such as “redemption” or “restoration.”) week 2 Max Points: 5.0 According to the Bible and the Christian worldview Jesus was fully God and fully human. Interacting with the “Prophecy” and “Gospel” flags of “The Story of the Bible” as well as your readings please address the following question: Why is this teaching of Jesus’ full divinity and full humanity important to Christianity and how does this apply to daily living? Give examples to support your answer. dq 2 Perhaps the most important claim of a Christian worldview is that Jesus rose from the dead after He was executed. After viewingThe “Jesus” Film and reading Lecture 2 share the importance of the Resurrection of Jesus. Give specific reasons why it is important or why it is not.

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