Great Customer Service

Please read the Chapter 11 Opening Case on pages 299 titled Why is Great Customer Service Like a Team Sport. After you have completed reading the rest of the chapter (Chapter 11), please join in on the discussion of the following questions.

1. What type of team, according to Table 11-2, delivered the excellent customer service at the Paris Four Seasons? Explain your choice. What are management’s greatest challenges with this sort of team?

2. What role does trust play in customer service teams and how can management build that trust?

3. If you worked at one of Steve Wynn’s hotels or resorts, what sort of team building activities would you use for your employees to make sure each of your guests experienced great customer service? (HINT: Team building activities are discussed in the readings. You can definitely use examples in addition to concepts from the readings).

Please make sure to offer your own response to each of the three questions posed in this discussion and respond to at least three other people (a minimum of one reply to each question.)

To gain further insight and knowledge, please visit the Four Seasons Opens in a new window website, and explore the “About Four Seasons” section.

You must include, and cite, organizational behavior theories and concepts from the assigned chapters in your discussion responses.


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