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You need to formulate hypotheses (to address the issues in the case study, one or two of them is fine.) and test them on the collected data (Sample technique=convenience; Sample size= 357 La Trobe University students). A sample of the research paper (without introduction & literature review) is attached for your convenience. Kindly follow the format and word counts below:
An executive summary (200 words);
Table of contents;
1. Introduction (Section One Total=400 words);
1.1 Research objectives/hypotheses;
2. Literature reviews (900 words);
3. Methodology (Section Three Total=600 words);
3.1 Research Design;
3.2 Data Collection and Data Analysis;
3.3 Sample and Sampling Process;
4. Results and findings ( Section Four Total=1400 words);
4.1 Descriptive statistics (sample characteristics);
4.2 Differences between groups;
4.3 Reliability Analysis;
4.4 Regression Analysis;
5. Limitations of the study (300 words);
6. Conclusions (300 words);
7. Recommendations (300 words);
8. References


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