HCM Unit 2 Project

Unit II Project Topic
In Unit VIII, you are required to submit a management action plan (MAP). Instructions for this assignment can be found by
viewing the Unit VIII assignment instructions below.
Your MAP can be either a "real-world" management problem within your own healthcare organization or one of the
scenarios shown below. For this assignment, please present a one-paragraph summary of the problem to your instructor
for approval by submitting it here in Blackboard. Your paragraph will describe the scenario as well as the reason why you
believe a MAP is warranted for this scenario.
1. Deciding on for-profit, not-for-profit, or public status for your hospital
2. Managing third-party payer relationships in health care
3. Implementing Healthy People 2020 standards in your community
4. Implementing evidence-based medicine in your hospital
5. Implementing CMS quality initiatives in your hospital
6. Developing a workplace safety plan for your hospital
7. Implementing telehealth services in your facility
8. Conducting a complete risk assessment for your facility
9. Developing an accountable care organization for your organization
10. Developing a marketing plan for your healthcare facility

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