Henry IV or Macbeth

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1.Discuss how the theme of equivocation is developed in Macbeth. Paying careful attention to the characters’ use of language, analyze whether Macbeth the agent of he equivocation or its victim? How does the play represent him in this sense?

2.Like Lady Macbeth, the “weird sisters” devise plots for Macbeth to fulfill. In many ways the play suggests that women are the symbol and/or cause of Macbeth’s doomed fate. To what extent does the play lay blame on the “weird sisters” and Lady Macbeth for Macbeth’s actions? How do these women function in different ways with regards to Macbeth?

3.Throughout 1 Henry IV Falstaff proves himself to be a master of wit and wordplay. How does his wordplay comment on Prince Hal’s relationship to King Henry IV and/or on the nature of kingship as a whole?

4.What does “acting” have to do with kingship in 1 Henry IV? Do King Henry IV’s ideas about acting reflect those of the other characters in the play? How does “acting” relate to King Henry’s crisis regarding his murder of Richard II and its ostensible repercussions?

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