“History makes us. If you have no awareness of what happened before you came into the world – your biological history, your species history, your family’s history, the history of your community, the geography you inhabit, the political and theological and philosophic history around you – how do you claim to know anything about yourself or others at all?” – Charles Darwin “There’s no ‘self’ worth anything without an understanding of personal, social, and natural world history. The meaningful experience of ‘self’ does not happen in some magical bubble or vacuum. The conscious understanding of ‘self’ begins when you learn how to read the stories that came before you and created your life, your feelings, your understanding of being and knowing.” – Dali Lama Describe how your personal life is connected deeply to some other time in history – the values, the emotions, the goals, the events, the successes and / or failures. Use at least three specific examples. Describe what you have learned from your favorite historical period and what we can still learn. Use at least three specific examples. Be sure to talk about your life as well as history.

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