History of Mexico

In this assignment, you will write a short review of EITHER Douglas Cope’s Limits of Racial Domination OR Paul Gillingham’s Cuauhtémoc’s Bones. Your essay should contain the following components:
1. A succinct description of the overall scope of the book you are analyzing, including the topic, region, and time period (1-2 sentences).
2. Your thesis (1-2 sentences). In a secondary source analysis, your thesis should address how the book helps us understand the topic it addresses. What does it illuminate about the period of Mexican history it describes, and what does it fail to tell us?
3. A summary of the author’s main argument (1-3 paragraphs). What is the author’s objective in writing this book? What is the point he or she is trying to get across? You must demonstrate that you understand what the author is arguing in order to offer an effective critique of those ideas.
4. An analysis of the author’s use of evidence (1-3 paragraphs). How does the author support his or her argument? What kinds of sources does he or she use? Are they primarily primary sources (archival documents, newspapers, published writings from the period) or secondary sources written by other historians? You may need to examine the footnotes or endnotes to determine what kinds of sources the author used.
5. Your critique (1-2 paragraphs). This section should be broken into contributions and shortcomings. What aspects of the article or chapter were convincing, and which ones seemed lacking? Be specific here. You need to say more than whether you enjoyed the piece or agreed with its conclusions—you need to state why. Questions to consider in this section include:
a. What do you think of the author’s argument and evidence?
b. What other arguments or sources did the author leave out?
c. What issues would you have liked the author to cover that he or she did not?
6. Conclusion. A succinct statement that summarizes your critique of the source (1-3 sentences or a short paragraph)


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