History Paper 1

History Paper 1
For the assignment you should answer the question in at least 800 words. Make sure that you support your claims with specific historical examples.
Textbook required: Thomas Reeve?s Twentieth Century America ( 0-19-504484-3) ISBN:9780195044843
Chapters 1-6
From the beginning of the 20th Century up to WW II, how did the federal government get bigger and take on more responsibility? What is your reaction to this trend? What arguments can you make supporting your position? Keep in mind that a good argument acknowledges the opposing viewpoint.
Example: The New Deal helped to increase government involvement by CC,WPA, SS and etc. How did the government get bigger? What do you think ==good or bad?
Back up with details- this is how to support your judgment. What do you think? Acknowledge the other side and why is your thought superior
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