Horrors can be the Result of Repressed Desires The Common Theme in Frankenstein and Rats in the Walls

Horrors can be the Result of Repressed Desires The Common Theme in “Frankenstein” and “Rats in the Walls”
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Both Frankenstein and H.P. Lovecraft’ “Rats in the Walls” are the horror stories that illustrate horror can be the result of repressed desires. The created being, also referred as the monster, turns into horror and commit evil things due to his unfulfilled desire for love, Similarly, in “Rats in the Walls,” the protagonist also has repressed desire for revenge. The monster in Frankenstein and the protagonist in Rats in the Walls are both isolated from the others and desire for communication and love. However, these desires are repressed, resulting in the development of horrors.
Firstly, the horror in the Frankenstein apparently results from the monster’s repressed desire for love and parenthood. Although, this creature is born as non-human, he is not a monster inside. He commits evil things later because his good desires have been repressed, and this desire shown up as the female ideal of the mother crystallises in the monster’s longing for a female companion of his own kind, and he believes that it is Frankenstein’s duty to provide him with this female companion.““ you can continue or rewrite it


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