Hospitality Law – Food safety regulation in Victoria

Order Instructions:

Discuss the statement below from the perspective of a hospitality business in Victoria.

Food safety regulation may be necessary for consumers but the current system imposes too many costs and restrictions on Victoria’s food businesses and most of the time the system doesn’t work. Is it expensive, is it too hard to run a business because of this?

Researching the internet/ prescribed texts/ Moodle for answers to the following questions and forming your own conclusions and observations.

You must include the following in your response to this statement:

  1. How food safety is regulated at the Federal, State and local level, that is, the relevant State and Federal legislation and the bodies that administer that legislation. Eg FSANZ,Local council,HEOS
  2. The aims of the food safety legislation.
  3. The methods used to change legislation in response to the industry and public’s Case of the berries myth convictions)
  4. How the legislation is enforced in Victoria.
  5. A discussion of the benefits and deficiencies of the system of food safety regulation as it applies to Victoria.
  6. Relevant case studies and examples that demonstrate the advantages and problems of Victorian food safety legislation.

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