How can an Economic Realist critique developmentalism (Ha-Joon Chang)?

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Directions: Choose TWO of the three questions. Answer in four to five pages per question (a total of 8-10 pages (4-5 pages foe each question), double spaced). Support your argument with details, explanations, and analysis. Use citations of class readings and your group readings, and provide a bibliography. Consider theoretical positions and interpretations, as well as related topics/issues (especially for groups not explicitly in the questions: neoliberalism, Asian Financial Crises) and how they apply to these questions.

1. How can an Economic Realist critique developmentalism (Ha-Joon Chang)?

2. How does the Transnational Capitalist Class affect State hegemony and the rise of growing economies? Are states still the primary drive in international relations?

3. What are the primary problems with the EU and how can they be solved? Do these issues put international liberalism to question?



Paper must be 8 pages, 2200 words minimum, 12 point Times new roman, APA Format

For the third question, you can use the Greek financial crisis of 2008. We talked a lot about it in class.

These are all about the greek/EU crisis

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