How exercise can help people overcome mental health problem


write about how exercise-physical activity can help people overcome a mental health problem like anxiety, stress, low self-confidence and depression. Also I want to write how can generally all people find motivation, my teacher mention about the 5 stages of change theory and this explain the stages where people can stop a bad lifestyle habit and change their lives or not (I don’t know if its suitable but if you think it’s nice to write about the 5 stages of change then go for it). I don’t want to get out of my topic because it is for sport but for psychology also. I want to mention why is important for me to do this research and also I have to choose if it will be qualitative or quantitative and I choose to make interviews of 3 questions to 5 students and make a conclusion through their lives. I have to write about research question, rationale, literature review, methodology, Ethics and risk management, work schedule, references – Harvard style and the information should be presented well. I would like to hear your opinion and please make sure that the dissertation is unique without plagiarism.


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