How many different kings led the Persians against the Greeks during

Question 5. How many different kings led the Persians against the Greeks during the course of the Persian Wars? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 E. None of the above 6. Regardless of the way the Greeks interpreted it the oracle’s reference to a “wooden wall” was a reference to: A. A wooden wall B. The hoplites and their shields C. The Penn State defensive line D. The Athenian navy E. None of the above 7. Sparta and Athens were long-time allies and it is no surprise that they worked together to fight against the Persians. false 8. Upon arriving home Agamemnon kills Cassandra to protect her from Clytemnestra’s wrath. false 9. After reforms took place in the Classical Period each of the ten Athenian tribes sent one elected general to help lead the Athenian army. 10. Which of the following major effects did Athenian naval power have on Athenian democracy (more than one answer possible)? A. More poor Athenians were becoming important B. With more and more admirals running around democracy was threatened C. There was no effect D. Athenians become more active in the infantry

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