How Much Do You Really Know About OB?

The Objective:
Because we’ve all done some kind of work and know other people also work, it’s not surprising that we assume various things about how people behave on the job. After all, it’s something we experience all the time. However, the things we may believe to be true about behavior in organizations based on common sense or experience may be inconsistent with established research findings (many of which are noted in this book). Also, the things we think we know are unlikely to reflect all the complexities and subtle nuances of human behavior that only scientists are prepared to determine. This exercise will help you get a feel for this.

– Use the questionnaire given below to collect data from the team members.

1. Introduction
Write at least 3-4 definitions of OB and objective of this research paper. (at least 7-10 lines)
2. Review Literature
Historical development and important of study OB (1/2 page only)
3. Research Methodology
Data collection method, instrument used statistical test applied (at least 5-6 lines)
4. Data analysis and interpretation
Use the following directions to analyses the questionnaire and answer the questions given below.
Answer each of the following questions by marking it either true or false. Please indicate what you really think and not what you suspect “the real” answer may be.
Scoring and Interpretation
Now, the moment of truth: the first statement is true; all the others are false. Give yourself one point for each question you answered correctly. Please note that when we refer to something as being “true,” we mean that it has been supported by research. Here is where in this book you’ll find information relevant to these statements: question 1, chapter 5; question 2, chapter 9; question 3, chapter 12; question 4, chapter 4; question 5, chapter 16; question 6, chapter 4; question 7, chapter 14; question 8, chapter 4; question 9, chapter 8; question 10, chapter 10.

4.1 Does your individual score suggest that how much do you really know about OB?
4.2 Consider each question and interpret how much you do really know about each TOPIC?
4.3 Does your team score suggest that how much your team really knows about OB?
4.4 Consider each question and interpret how much your team does really know about each TOPIC?


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