How Neuroscience relates to Psychology

library research databases ( or you can research abstracts online and request the primary sources from the library’s interlibrary loan system (  Note that the interlibrary loan system has a turnaround time of 1-3 days, so plan accordingly.  Magazines (e.g. Psychology Today, Scientific American, Newsweek) are not considered scholarly journals.  In order to assess only the most current research, articles must have a publication date within the past five years. Finally, you will need to include a copy of either the first The articles must be from scholarly, peer reviewed sources.  You can obtain these sources from the page of your articles or the article abstracts.
Each annotated bibliography entry should:
•    be written in the past tense
•    properly cite articles according to APA style (APA 6th edition)
o    Purdue Owl –
o    CAE –
•    use complete sentences
•    originate from scholarly, peer reviewed sources no older than 5 years

Annotated bibliography checklist
You will need to provide specific information about the research articles that you will be summarizing.  You can use this checklist as a guide as you discuss the research aspects of your empirical articles:
€    What was the purpose (research questions, hypothesis) of this research?
€    Who were the subjects/participants?
€    What were the researchers measuring (variables) and how did the study transpire (methodology)?
€    What were the results and conclusions of the study?
€    What do you feel were the strengths and weaknesses of the study? What would you do to improve the study?
€    How is this study relevant to you or your studies?

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